Clinton Campbell is an Oklahoma native, Seattle transplant psychotherapist and independent security consultant. He has more than a decade of experience in the information assurance profession, including four years as an employee of the National Security Agency, evaluating the design and implementation of cryptographic systems. Clinton has extensive experience in enterprise security architecture, engineering, analysis, and management. For the last six years he has worked part-time for rural telecom engineering firm Monte R. Lee and Company and provides occasional support to the Tulsa-based True Digital Security.

  • Clinton believes that one of the biggest obstacles to security in the typical organization is the intimidation factor, it’s being so overwhelmed by the breadth of the field that we hide from the work that we can do now.
  • He has developed a penchant for building strong leadership in complex technical and security arenas.
  • He is passionate about delivering security expertise to the little fish, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and underserved communities, that are generally overlooked by industry professionals