Lost in the HIPAA landscape?
Quirk can help with the forest and the trees.

Reorient your relationship to technology.

Thank you to SimplePractice for hosting our webinar, and thank YOU for your interest in online security. You can watch the recording here: Protecting Your Practice From Online Risk.

Quirk Concepts is committed to providing resources to small health care practices in support of HIPAA compliance and broader privacy and security needs. In addition to finding resources for the online risk webinar, you’ll find a link below to sign up for information on our upcoming web training series. In this series, we’ll build further on risk management concepts and help you complete the most essential documentation requirements of HIPAA.

If you’re interested in hiring Quirk for an individual or group consult, please submit a request online or contact Clinton at 443.254.2978. This site is still very much under construction. Check back frequently for more resources, relevant blog posts, and training schedules.

Download webinar resources here and sign up for more information about our upcoming class.